2024 Legislative Elections: Cohabitation would be “a blow to French international leadership”

All week, Europe has been trembling at the possibility that the National Rally (RN) will settle in Matignon. After Hungary, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Italy, France’s shift to the extreme right, “a nuclear-armed country and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, would have global repercussions,” warned Politico the 5 of July.

The first estimates – which put the New Popular Front in the lead, with 171 to 187 seats, ahead of Ensemble-Renaissance (152-163 seats) and the National Rally (134 to 152 seats), according to an Ipsos-Talan poll for France Télévisions made public at 10 p.m. – make this scenario unlikely.

But the division of the Assembly into three blocs of almost equal size raises fears of an ungovernable France. John Henley in the Guardian was alarmed on Sunday afternoon that “one of the EU’s driving forces and its second largest economy (is) locked in prolonged parliamentary deadlock and political uncertainty.” The Country becomes even more direct: the prospect of cohabitation is “a major blow to French international leadership.”

Macron’s word is worthless

In the Spanish daily, Alexandra De Hoop Scheffer, executive vice-president of the American think tank German Marshall Fund, highlights the consequences of Emmanuel Macron’s weakening on the

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