2024 Legislative Elections: RN in the lead, NFP around 30%, Ensemble distanced

With 12 million votes, or more than a third of the votes cast, the National Rally “is in the lead, but without absolute majority guarantee”, comment The weather Sunday June 30 in the evening, based on the first projections of the results of the first round of the 2024 legislative elections. This is an unprecedented score for the far-right party but “rather low compared to expectations” continues the Swiss daily. The RN and its Republican allies, at 34%, “would not achieve an absolute majority in most seat projections.”

Behind the far-right party, the left united under the banner of the New Popular Front would reach the 30% mark according to the highest estimates. “The left is doing well,” summary The Stamp in Italy.

In London, the weekly’s correspondent Tea Economist, historic support from Emmanuel Macron, qualifies these provisional results on of “political earthquake”. Emmanuel Macron is “back against the wall”, writing View, in Swisswhile Together “comes out badly beaten” at around 22%. “Macron’s electoral gamble is backfiring”, also comment Politico from Brussels.

Republican candidates who did not join the National Rally would collect around 10% of the vote.

Still according to provisional projections which do not take into account the voting instructions issued by the different parties, the RN “would obtain a large relative majority or even an absolute majority in the Assembly”indicates the Belgian Radio and Television (RTBF), with 230 to 280 seats at the end of the second round on June 7. The New Popular Front between 125 and 165, the presidential list Ensemble 70 to 100. The absolute majority in the Assembly stands at 289 seats.

Final participation would reach 65.5% to 69.7% of those registered on the electoral lists. She reached 25.9% of those registered at noon And 59.39% at 5 p.m..

The big question that will arise later in the evening of this election Sunday, writing Die Zeit in Germany, will be the following: is Macron’s firewall solid against the far right?” Nothing is less sure, according to The world which is a reminder of the extent to which the president has stripped himself of his power.France has never been as extreme as it is today.”

And lost, underlines The Country. France is today a worried and disoriented country. The French are experiencing with a mixture of worry, resignation and curiosity the leap into the unknown that the arrival of the extreme right in power would represent.”

This article will be regularly updated throughout the evening.

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