2024 Legislative Elections: Sufficient Withdrawals to Prevent the RN’s “Grand Slam”?

On the next day of the victory of the National Rally (RN) and its allies which gathered nearly 33% of the votes cast, “French left and centrists strive to unite against far right for second round” writes the British daily The Guardian. Much will depend on the composition, or not, of a republican front against the extreme right, notably through the withdrawal of the least well-placed candidates during the three-way races.

On Monday at 8pm, 179 withdrawals, including 121 from the left and 56 from the presidential camp under the Ensemble label were recorded. At the same time, 133 three-way races were still planned as well as 5 four-way races. Note that at the end of the June 30 vote, 76 candidates were elected in the first round, including 39 from the National Rally. and 32 of the New Popular Front.

On the withdrawals, Jordan Bardella, who declared that he would only accept being Prime Minister with an absolute majority, attacked, on TF1 this Monday

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