A new species of dinosaur “with a very unique morphology” discovered in Montana

About 78 million years ago, a dinosaur with a very unique morphology roamed the wetlands and marshes of what is now Montana”, begin Science. It is in this American state, a few kilometers from the Canadian border, that his skull and other parts of his skeleton were found in 2019. His bones were purchased in 2021 by a museum in Denmark which commissioned paleontologists from Utah State University, USA to study them.

Their analysis led some specialists to declare that it was a new species. “A spectacular dinosaur given a spectacular name: Lokiceratops rangiformis, which means the horned face of Loki (a Norse god with a horned helmet) resembling a caribou, indicates the site IFLScience. The description of the giant animal is detailed in a scientific article published in PeerJ.

Everything to please

What do we know about Lokiceratops rangiformis? Having walked the earth some 12 million years before its most famous close relative, the triceratops, it belongs

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