“A Trump Tower in Jeddah”: the billionaire multiplies investments in the Gulf

There will be one “Trump Tower in Jeddah”, Saudi TV channel announces Al-Arabiya, which displays on its website a photo of Eric and Donald Jr., Donald Trump’s two eldest sons, during the signing of the contract with their Saudi partner Dar Global.

Details of the project have not been released, but it is believed to be primarily a “branding”, allowing foreign investors to use Trump’s name, precise The New York Times, who adds that this technique “has become a major source of new income for the Trump family,” given that “Contracts in the United States are declining” since the eventful end of the former president’s term.

Suspicions of conflicts of interest

These business interests that associate Trump with economic actors directly or indirectly linked to foreign governments, however, raise strong suspicions of conflicts of interest, to the extent that regimes with little or no democracy could be in the process of

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