A vaccine against bird flu, the infernal pace of SpaceX and the Doping Games

This time, we should not be allowed to make a mistake. The American government has just paid 176 million dollars to the Moderna laboratory, one of the champions in the fight against Covid, to develop as quickly as possible a new generation vaccine against the H5N1 bird flu which is rapidly contaminating American livestock, and threatens to soon attack humans.

Ars Technica laments the inept response of the American authorities, who waited a year before acknowledging the reality of the progression of the disease, announcing last March that four herds of cows were contaminated in Texas and Kansas. A gross underestimation. Since then, 140 farms have been affected in 12 states. Provisional figures, because many dairy farms avoid testing their herds, even though the virus has already been detected in milk stocks. Fortunately, only three farm workers have contracted the disease so far, but only 53 of them have been tested for H5N1 flu across the entire United States.

A rocket every three days

If only Elon Musk would tone down his late-night nonsense on his Twitter toy, he would be honored by the history books.

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