According to The New York Times, Joe Biden is “considering whether or not to stay in the race”

Joe Biden “reportedly confided to one of his close friends that he was thinking about whether or not to stay in the race” to the White House, title The New York Times, who holds a live on the crisis situation in the Democratic camp and on the meeting that is to take place on July 3 between the American president and the Democratic governors of the different states of the country.

The president reportedly told one of his top allies that he knew he couldn’t save his candidacy “if he fails to convince the public in the coming days that he is up to the task,” reports the daily.

This conversation, which the daily newspaper has learned of, “is the first public indication” that Joe Biden is seriously wondering if he can recover after his catastrophic performance during the debate against Donald Trump in Atlanta last week, the newspaper notes.

“Still in the battle”

According to this source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, Joe Biden would be “still deeply engaged in the battle for his re-election”but he understands that his upcoming appearances — including a scheduled July 5 interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC News and campaign trips to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — must go smoothly.

“He knows that if he has two more disasters like this, we will be in a different situation at the end of the weekend,” said the insider, referring to Joe Biden’s performance in the debate against Donald Trump on CNN last week.

“Deputy White House spokesman Andrew Bates said the claims were completely false,” adds the daily.

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