After the huge surprise of the legislative elections, France must get out of the impasse

The vote was unprecedented, the election will remain historic and the consequences will be chaotic. After a month of political crisis in France, the hierarchy of perils has finally carried the Republican front, the left and the center, and doused the hopes of the National Rally. A relief as intense as it is brief, because our neighbors will have to relearn how to negotiate between parties.

Hearing the speeches this Sunday evening, things are looking pretty bad. However, they no longer have a choice. Starting this Monday, the elected representatives of the Republic will have to seek unnatural alliances to avoid paralysis. This new political era could have opened as soon as Macronie no longer had an absolute majority. That was in 2022. What a waste of time! What a waste!

Avoiding double jeopardy

France is therefore ruling out the worst-case scenario, an absolute majority of the far right. But the other fear, that of a total blockage between three large blocs, is there. After the anti-RN front, a republican surge is needed to break the impasse and avoid a double penalty: an ungovernable France and a victory for Marine Le Pen in 2027.

To do this, it will be necessary to digest the disaster of these rushed legislative elections and calm the current electric climate. The distrust

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Free Belgium (Brussels)

This quality title of the French-speaking has opened up to new themes without denying its Catholic origins. Published by Informations et productions multimédias (IPM), who also hold The Latest Hour-Sports, “La Libre” changed the organization of its sections in 1999, then its format in 2002.

After a very long period of waiting Free Belgium In 2001, it acquired a complete, lively and colourful website that agency dispatches constantly update. This wait-and-see attitude was obviously not entirely passive: its energies were first absorbed by the major reform of the written support (in March 1999), then by the IT restructuring of the group IPMand finally by the tedious negotiations on copyright, concluded during the year 2000.

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