After the legislative elections, “the troubles are only just beginning” in France

“Tomorrow, France will experience new chaos, but tonight belongs (to left-wing voters).” Xu Xiaofei, correspondent in Paris from the Chinese newspaper Pengpai Xinwen, described, the day after the second round of legislative elections, “the collective celebration of left-wing voters, so long repressed”. “I just couldn’t believe my eyes, admits the Chinese journalist. After nearly a decade of hibernation, the French left is finally raising an eyebrow.”

“By encompassing almost all its components, from the centre left to the far left, as summed up in the interesting slogan ‘From Hollande to Poutou’, the New Popular Front has succeeded in truly stimulating the potential of the French left.”

According to Pengpai Xinwen, “ultimately, this unexpected victory of the left remains a victory of the people.” The article notes that 10% of French people have postponed their holidays especially for this election – the figure rises to 19% among 18-24 year-olds. A detail which, seen from China, is far from insignificant:


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