Against Macron, a vote of rejection that shakes Europe

The first estimates appearing on the Republic screens, around 8 p.m., already announced the earthquake. Already Jordan Bardella, the head of the National Rally (RN) list, no longer even mentioned Europe but asked Macron, as he had continued to do during the campaign, to call new legislative elections.

And that’s exactly what President Emmanuel Macron did a few minutes later. “The rise of nationalists and demagogues is a danger for our nation but also for our Europe and for France’s place in Europe and in the world,” he said in a televised address. A fever has gripped the public debate and the current challenges “demand clarity in our debates”, he added. This is why he decided to call legislative elections on June 30.

Macron does not question his mandate: he will be able to remain in power in the event of defeat, but must

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Die Zeit (Hamburg)

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