Amazon: the online shopping giant celebrates its 30th anniversary

When Jeff Bezos published the first job offer for his start-up on Usenet, the ancestor of online forums, in August 1994, he himself was just 30 years old. The aim was to recruit computer developers “having experience in designing large and complex systems” and able to develop them “in a time three times shorter than what the most competent professionals consider possible.”

The company is not yet called Amazon, but Cadabra, short for “abracadabra,” remember The Economist. The stated ambition: to be among the pioneers of online commerce. “Amazon has since changed the world of online shopping,” notes the British magazine.

By 2024, Amazon will sell $554 billion worth of goods in the United States, according to estimates by JP Morgan Chase. That will represent 42% of online sales in the country. Walmart, the world’s leading retailer, is far behind, with just 6% of online sales.

To trace the Amazon epic is to unfold the “e-commerce fairy tale”, according to BBC, which transcribes an interview dated 2000 with Jeff Bezos, who has since become the “richest man in the world”.

In the year 2000, already 20 million customers

Five years after launching its site, Amazon had become the world’s leading online sales platform by expanding its initial offering – books – to other products: electronics, toys, household appliances. “In 2000, Amazon already had 20 million customers, but was losing money” – what was required “a real

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