Amazon to host Australia’s top-secret data

A cloud “top secret” For Australia, it is the giant contract that Amazon has just won, announcement The Wall Street Journal. “Australia says it will invest at least A$2 billion, or US$1.3 billion (€1.2 billion), over the next decade to build and operate the top-secret cloud,” details the American daily.

The Australian Government, “major ally of the United States”, relies on the data hosting division of the American tech giant, Amazon Web Service (AWS), to “improve its ability to share and analyze information, and strengthen the resilience of its defense systems,” comments the Wall Street Daily.

An army “tougher on its enemies”

For the Australian government, this agreement will allow: “strengthen collaboration with the United States and support Australian military operations, while exploiting new technologies such asartificial intelligence and machine learning”.

Australian Defence Minister Richard Marles, taken over by the Financial Times, sees in this contract the means of guaranteeing Australia “an army capable of bouncing back, more efficient and tougher with its enemies, but also more modern and more powerful.”

AWS, which is set to build three data centres for Australian defence, “has built a strong position in top-secret data storage contracts worldwide since signing a $600 million (€555 million) deal with the US Secret Service in 2013,” continues the British economic daily. The United Kingdom followed suit in 2021, for 1 billion pounds sterling (1.2 billion euros).

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