Anonymous Bitcoiner Gives Huge Amount to Juliane Assange to Buy Freedom

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, can smell freedom again thanks to a generous, anonymous donor. This generous donor has covered almost all of the costs for Assange’s journey out of detention. The donation of 8 Bitcoin, worth almost $497,000, is almost completely sufficient to the $520,000 call that Assange’s family had done.

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Bitcoin donor pays for Assange’s private jet

Yesterday shared Assange’s wife Stella on Julian’s journey to freedom costs a lot: Julian has to pay back $520,000 to the Australian government for charter flight VJ199. He was banned from taking scheduled flights to Saipan and on to Australia. Every contribution, large or small, is greatly appreciated.”

An anonymous Bitcoiner heard this call and donated ‎8.07173122 BTC to cover the costs of Assange’s jet and recovery.

Daniel Sempere Pico shared on X: ‘Someone donated 8.07173122 BTC to cover Assange’s jet and recovery costs. That one donation almost reaches the entire $520,000 goal and is more than all other donations in all currencies combined.”

Assange and his work with WikiLeaks

Julian Assange’s legal saga reached a turning point on Monday when he pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy under the Espionage Act in a US court on the island of Saipan.

After years of conflict and diplomatic negotiations, Assange can avoid further US prison time by admitting a smaller part of the extensive allegations against him.

Assange is a controversial figure, celebrated by many as a whistleblower and journalist, but seen by governments as a threat to national security. His work with WikiLeaks led to one of the largest intelligence leaks in US history, including detailed logs of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bitcoin and freedom

Known for its immutable and censorship-resistant properties, the Bitcoin network has played a major role in circumventing traditional financial systems.

Previous embargoes by major payment processors hindered WikiLeaks, but with a BTCPay server, secure, private and instant transfers could take place. Known for its robustness and resistance to censorship, BTCPay is a platform of choice for those who want to avoid the restrictions and oversight of the traditional banking system.

Julian Assange’s commitment to and use of Bitcoin dates back to the early years of the digital currency. WikiLeaks started accepting Bitcoin after conventional payment platforms such as PayPal, MasterCard and Visa blocked access to funds in 2010.

Assange has also spoken publicly about his profitable investments in Bitcoin, citing a 50,000% return during a spike in BTC’s value.

Bitcoin is therefore more than just a financial lifeline; it symbolizes the meaning of Bitcoin as money for freedom.

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