Are adults-only hotels desirable?

YES Calm can be beneficial

In these times so prone to indignation, it is useful to ask ourselves whether this or that subject really deserves to be angry. The question of “adults only” hotels does not justify our wrath. Firstly, because there are plenty of hotels dedicated to families and children. Then, because, between these two extremes, there is a plethora of establishments, all prices combined, which do not sort their clientele according to their age.

Having a child myself, I understand the reflex that this categorization provokes: a hotel reserved for adults? “What next ?” Very quickly, however, irritation gives way to a form of jealousy. My wife and I could certainly be tempted by a weekend in this type of hotel, for example when our child is on vacation with his grandparents. Why not after all ? This establishment would offer us exactly what we want for these rare and precious hours: calm and a brief moment without talking about children or education.

And why couldn’t a hotel specialize in this type of service, welcoming residents for two nights before returning them to their family hustle and bustle, more relaxed and refreshed? A good parent is a relaxed parent. Needs-based education must also take into account the needs of parents. We are, for our part, sufficiently sovereign in our parental love to decree that we can spend two or three moments without children. Besides, children happily do without adults.

Hotels for yoga and golf lovers…

If we consider that this kind of hotel is not aimed at families, but simply targets another category of customers, the concept becomes much easier to accept. Specialty hotels are all the rage, whether they cater to yoga practitioners, fasting enthusiasts or golfers. There are more and more couples without children, and the trend is not about to stop. There are all kinds of reasons not to have children – some difficult, some trivial – and they all need to be accepted. On vacation, people want optimal conditions: it’s the place where you eat better, where the view is more beautiful than at home and, for many, it’s above all where calm reigns. We spend a lot of money to make these few days go exactly as we want.

Calm is rarely on the list of things children want. So why don’t you

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