As in Milei’s Argentina, “the poison of social revenge” is tipping France over

Is France having its Milei moment? This is not an exaggeration: (Marine Le Pen, who could have an absolute majority in the Assembly with the National Rally), participated smilingly in the meeting organized in Madrid by the president of Vox (extreme right), Santiago Abascal, during which the Argentinian president said all the bad things he thought of Pedro Sánchez (the Spanish socialist Prime Minister).

France is the epitome of a developed economy that has been knocked out by globalization. It is the country in Europe that most resembles the United States, which voted for Trump and could re-elect him. The economic decline has been going on for several decades: destruction of the industrial fabric, decline in the quality of employment, centralization of wealth around the capital and desertification of the rest of the territory, not to mention the deterioration of education or health. For the majority of French people, this reality translates into anxiety linked to downgrading and loss of purchasing power. The rest of Europe, including Spain, should see this as a warning.

From failure to failure

Here, as in Argentina, the impoverishment of the middle classes and large sections of the working population has led a majority of voters to attempt a leap into the void, a sort of conscious descent into hell. Economic ruin has been transformed, thanks to the discourse of the extreme right and a powerful media universe, into hatred of immigrants, welfare recipients, and civil servants. The poison of social revenge.

If France is apparently experiencing a less dramatic situation than Argentina, it is because France is richer and is part of the EU. The similarity is also due to the fact that the French, like the Argentines, have seen the main parties fail, whether with the socialist presidency of François Hollande or with the liberal one

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Source of the article

The Vanguardia (Barcelona)

“L’Avant-Garde” was founded in 1881 in Barcelona by the Godó family, who still own it. This Berlin-format daily is the second largest in the country in terms of circulation, and the number one in Catalonia, just ahead of The Catalan newspaper. In today’s Catalonia, the newspaper advocates a moderate regionalism.
Since 2011, The Vanguardia also exists in a Catalan version. Until now, “the oldest, most read, best-selling and most influential daily newspaper published in Catalonia” appeared only in Spanish, unlike its challenger The Catalan newspaper, which has existed in both official languages ​​of the region since 1997. The newspaper is thus putting an end to what it describes as“anomaly” and is in step with a society that has been schooled in the regional language for thirty years. To illustrate its first front page in Catalan, the newspaper had chosen a work by Tàpies, but the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden decided otherwise.

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