Asia’s MicroStrategy Nearly Doubles Bitcoin Holdings With Additional ¥400 Million Purchase

Tokyo-listed company Metaplanet, often compared to MicroStrategy, has further added to its Bitcoin reserves with the purchase of 42.47 BTC worth approximately 400 million Japanese yen (around $2.3 million). The move follows on the heels of last week’s purchase of ¥200 million worth of Bitcoin and brings the company’s total holdings to over 203 BTC.

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Fifth Bitcoin Purchase in Four Months

The recent purchase marks the fifth time in the past four months that Metaplanet has increased its Bitcoin holdings. The company, which specializes in hotel development and real estate, now has a total of more than 2 billion yen (over $11 million) invested in Bitcoin, with an average purchase price of around $58,500 per Bitcoin.

Bitcoin as an economic hedge

Metaplanet’s shift to Bitcoin as a reserve asset is part of a broader strategy to address economic challenges in Japan. The approach fits into a global trend that has seen companies such as MicroStrategy increasingly embrace Bitcoin as a hedge against economic uncertainty.

Global Public Companies Own 324,295 BTC

According to data from Globally, public companies collectively hold 324,295 BTC, with MicroStrategy leading the pack with 226,331 BTC, which represents more than half of the company’s market cap. Metaplanet’s Bitcoin holdings of 203 BTC seem modest in comparison, but show that even smaller companies are recognizing Bitcoin’s potential as a reserve asset.

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