At the RN headquarters, the night of lost illusions

At exactly 8 p.m., when the TVs announced the results at the Chesnaie du Roy pavilion, the headquarters of the National Rally’s election night, the silence suddenly became deafening. Unusual, too. This was the first time that such a reaction had occurred: for twenty years, at each election, the activists had gotten into the habit of exulting.

Of course, the RN never made it into government, but party activists and figures had until then seen the glass as half full. After each election, they focused on Marine Le Pen’s unstoppable advance rather than on the fact that the president or prime minister had never ultimately come from their ranks.

“This time it is the beginning of the rebirth”

Not tonight. Tonight, the disappointment is too strong, almost cruel. Instead of being the first force in the government, the RN is the third. In opposition. “My heart is pounding, the exit polls estimates say everything and its opposite, for one institute we would have the absolute majority, and for another we would come third. It is unbearable.”confided around 7:30 p.m. Jacques Malvaen, a 25-year-old man who has spent the last two months putting up posters and distributing

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Drawing by Martirena
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Source of the article

Corriere della Sera (Milan)

Founded in 1876, the first Italian daily still mentions “of the will” (“evening”) in its title, while it has been published in the morning for over a century. Serious and sober, the newspaper has managed to weather political vicissitudes while maintaining its independence.
From birth, the Corriere has established itself as the spokesperson for the industrial bourgeoisie of the North. Its format, very large for a modern daily, contributes to this image of seriousness and tradition. It belongs to RCS Mediagroup, bought in 2016 by businessman Urbano Cairo, who also owns the La7 channel.
Like other Italian national newspapers, its distribution has seen a sharp decline in recent years, but he remains at the top of the ranking.
The newspaper is accompanied by a multitude of supplements including Sette (Friday), Io Donna (feminine Saturday) and The Literature (Sunday).

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