Attack on kyiv children’s hospital: Russian version undermined

On Monday, July 8, a missile struck Ukraine’s largest pediatric hospital, Okhmatdyt Hospital Center, in kyiv, killing more than 40 people. The following day, the investigation site Bellingcat concluded that the missile was indeed a Kh-101 used by the Russian army.

To reach this conclusion, several open data specialists analyzed the available images and interviewed experts in weapons and ammunition. Investigators from Bellingcat have also recreated a 3D model of the Kh-101: compared to the missile that hit the hospital – visible in some videos of the strike – it appears strangely similar in size and characteristics.

Analysts of Bellingcat also refuted the version that the hospital was hit by a “anti-missile missile” American AIM-120, allegedly fired by the Nasams air defense system, as the Russians claim. Using the same 3D modeling technique, he found many differences between the two devices.

The Russian news site Meduza, whose journalists work from Riga, Latvia, recalls that before Bellingcat Several other experts and international media had come to the same conclusions. And to quote

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