Attack on Titan video game launches in The Sandbox on Ethereum

Haven’t seen the anime Attack on Titan yet? Stop what you’re doing, clear your schedule, and binge watch this series on Netflix for a few days. Then come back and read this article.

Because everyone who has seen Attack on Titan (AoT) was surprised by the plot twist. Everyone wants more, and there just happens to be a video game of AoT. It will be launched in the crypto world of The Sandbox, an NFT gaming protocol on Ethereum.

Attack on Titan Land

This collaboration, announced yesterday, will create an interactive “Attack on Titan Land” within the virtual world of The Sandbox.

The Sandbox, along with companies Minto and Copro Corporation, has received permission from IP owner Kodansha Ltd. to NFTs to produce and develop the theme area. The collaboration aims to bring the franchise’s post-apocalyptic world to life in a new, interactive format.

“Attack on Titan is much more than a Japanese manga series set in a post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy world,” The Sandbox co-founder and COO Sebastien Borget said in a press release. ‘It has taken the world by storm and has become a global anime and film phenomenon.’

The partnership includes a LAND sale, which will allow users to purchase virtual real estate via NFTs in the “Attack on Titan” area of The SandboxThe thematic environment and accompanying experience will be launched later this year.

Digital real estate

The Sandbox is a Ethereum metaverse game that revolves around digital land and asset ownership, where virtual landowners can build, share, and monetize their own parts of the world.

The manga (Japanese comic book) has sold over 100 million copies over the years and Attack on Titan has fans all over the world.

The series follows Eren Jaeger and his fellow soldiers as they battle against gigantic humanoid creatures known as Titans.

For Attack on Titan fans and crypto enthusiasts, this is an exciting development. It offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the world of AoT and even own a piece of this virtual world.

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