Attal – Bardella – Bompard: a tense and “not up to par” debate

“If there had not been three (…)we could have thought of a second round presidential debate”, comment The evening. The Belgian daily observed “great tension”during the televised match between Gabriel Attal, Jordan Bardella and Manuel Bompard, Tuesday June 25 in the evening on TF1, “measuring the challenges arising from the shock dissolution of the National Assembly”.

The representatives of the three political blocs insulted each other, particularly on the defense of purchasing power and pensions. But, five days before the first round of legislative elections, “the level of trade has not been up to the choice that the French are preparing to make, (…) which will also determine the future of Europe”. “Due to lack of time, France’s place in the world was not even mentioned! ”chokes the newspaper.

Attal is “struggling”, Bardella “very sure of himself”

The evening notes that the current Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, “a tenant (from Matignon) on borrowed time ?”, “struggled” facing his adversaries. He has “sent back to back” his two challengers, “accusing them of promising voters the moon on purchasing power and the rest of their economic program”. “I could make promises like my competitors. Except that I am Prime Minister. I am proposing a serious and credible plan”he explained.

“Very sure of himself”the president of the National Rally (RN) Jordan Bardella, sees himself “already at his post”head of the cohabitation government, notes The evening. He portrayed himself as ““The Prime Minister of Purchasing Power”, “the Prime Minister of fiscal peace”. At a time when Emmanuel Macron evokes a risk of “civil war”and while the extreme right dominates the polls, the MEP “tried to reassure the French”. “I will restore authority and security”he promised. “Conjugated formulas without conditionals”underlines the Belgian media.

Facing Gabriel Attal, who became Prime Minister “the youngest in history (of the Fifth Republic) at the beginning of the year”, and to Jordan Bardella, who “led the RN to a dominant position in the European elections of June 9”the presence of Manuel Bompard, of the New Popular Front“reminded voters that the left had not yet decided who would lead it if it won the election,” estimated CNN. Because the coordinator of La France insoumise “does not have the same notoriety”.

“No one seems to have succeeded in striking a big blow”

The American channel does not seem to see a real winner at the end of the first major debate of the campaign, “very varied and sometimes chaotic”, two hours. “None of the three candidates seems to have succeeded in making a big impact or making enough of a difference to influence voters’ opinions.”

“Obviously, Gabriel Attal demonstrated that he knew his files better than his opponents”greets on his side The evening. Before objecting that this control could have no impact on the result of the elections of June 30 and July 7. “During an Attal-Bardella duel before the European election, the head of government had already folded the match according to all observers. This did not cause the far-right candidate to lose a single point in the polls.”

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