Back after attack, Fico congratulates Orban for visiting Putin

This is what you call a stunning comeback. On Friday, July 5, almost two months after being seriously injured by several gunshots fired at him, Robert Fico appeared in public for the first time. The Slovak Prime Minister, reports the Brussels media Politico, “delivered a speech celebrating his country’s Christian and Slavic roots,” and in this context, he uttered a sentence that did not go unnoticed in the Western media.

“I would like to express my admiration to the Hungarian Prime Minister for visiting kyiv and to Moscow without hesitation, said Fico, whose statements are relayed by the Deutsche Welle. If my health had allowed me to go, I would have liked to join him.”

As a reminder, Viktor Orban’s trip to RussiaFriday, July 5, in which the Hungarian leader met Vladimir Putin, triggered a wave of protest from other European leaders. This is because Budapest, having assumed the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, this initiative could have been seen as representing an opening of the bloc towards Putin.

A reading of things that many leaders of the Old Continent have been keen to deny, by castigating Orban’s initiative, which nevertheless received significant support, in the figure of Robert Fico. This is not so surprising when we know that the two leaders of Eastern Europe “are considered Russia’s closest allies in the EU, with Hungary and Slovakia both having refused to provide military aid to Ukraine”recalls the German media.

However, with this “surprise” visit to the Kremlin leader, Orban “has raised the challenge to the EU, considers for his part the Corriere della Sera, and we can now glimpse the fracture line that threatens to break Europe apart in the coming months.”

Clearly, Fico seems determined to side with the Fidesz leader, who, the Italian media outlet recalls, “working on the creation of a new far-right group in the European Parliament”The deputies of Smer, Fico’s party which was suspended from the socialist group and is currently among the “non-attached”, may be tempted to join Orban’s new group within the Strasbourg hemicycle.

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