Bad weather: in Switzerland, one dead and two missing

For more than a week, heavy rains have affected the south-east of Switzerland. Roads and railway lines were cut and, on Friday June 21, storms caused a landslide and floods in the Mesolcina valley, in the heart of Graubünden. In the village of Sorte, several houses were destroyed by a “dejection cone”, made up of a pile of sediment, which took away four inhabitants, reports the website of the Swiss radio and television (RTS).

One of the missing people was found in a scree – injured, but alive. On the other hand, an inanimate body was discovered this Sunday morning in the river, more than 8 km downstream from the hamlet. On site, searches continued all day to try to find the two other missing people, even if the chances of finding them alive are low. “minimal”, according to the cantonal police. “Dogs, drones and helicopters were mobilized”, precise The weather.

“The four people were buried following a flow of mud, stones and various materials,” explains everyday life. Friday evening, the flood also endangered a police patrol. “The police officers were able to get out of the situation thanks to the intervention of their colleagues but their car was swept away by the waters.”

Two days after the disaster, four villages in the valley still remain without water – the treatment plant having been affected – and electricity. Several roads and a section of the A13 motorway are cut.

In Valais – where the very chic ski resort of Zermatt remained cut off from the world for two days due to flooding – and the canton of Vaud, a state of alert declared after the flooding of the Rhône and rivers alpine, could be lifted this Sunday. “The bad weather caused great damage, including floods, debris flows and landslides. Around sixty people remain displaced from their homes, but no injuries have been reported,” indicates the RTS.

On the other hand, a strong danger of flooding persists around Lake Constance. “The lake level exceeded the threshold of flood danger level 4 out of 5 on Saturday. This level means “high danger” in terms of flooding.” The soils are saturated with water due to rainfall in recent weeks. In the event of further precipitation, “this could lead to landslides locally.”

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