Barcelona launches “legal war” to ban tourist rentals

With a view to resolving the real estate crisis born from the overtourism that the city is experiencing, the mayor of Barcelona indicated, Friday June 21, that the city would put an end to the rental of tourist apartments by 2029. A decision which left the area “agape” reports the Catalan daily La Vanguardia.

More precisely, Jaume Collboni announced not to renew the licenses for tourist apartments – which concerns 10,101 properties according to La Vanguardia – in order to put them back on the rental or sale market. According to the municipality, the licenses for tourist apartments, renewed for five years in November 2023, will expire in November 2028. The socialist councilor therefore hopes that, from 2029, this type of rental will have disappeared from the city.

To implement this measure, Barcelona wants to use a decree approved last year

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