Before the legislative elections, the French go… to the psychologist

Stress, anxiety and insomnia: these are expressions of the concern that has gripped the French in the face of the political uncertainty of the coming weeks, and the possibility of seeing the National Rally (RN) come to power for the first time . This is what reports the Catalan daily La Vanguardia, who, after interviewing several mental health professionals in France, mentions an increase in consultations on this subject.

Although this is not a clinical study, it appears that“by unexpectedly announcing the calling of early legislative elections, Emmanuel Macron (has) not only disconcerted all political parties, including his own, but also aroused great concern among many of his compatriots”, says journalist Eusebio Val.

According to Gladys Mondière, the president of the French Federation of Psychologists and Psychology, interviewed by the newspaper, “the prospect of a new victory for the party of Marine Le Pen and the effect of surprise in the perception of danger have impacted the mental state of many people. Some have not digested the new situation, and this has psychological consequences.”

Several French media have therefore taken up the subject, writes La Vanguardia, specifying that it is mainly women and people belonging to the LGBTI community who are concerned, feeling more vulnerable in the face of a hypothetical takeover of power by the RN.

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