Benyamin Netanyahu “on campaign” on LCI to justify the war and civilian deaths

It was about “his first interview with a French-speaking media since October 7”, notes the Belgian daily The evening : at 8:30 p.m., Thursday May 30, the LCI channel broadcast an interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, excerpts of which also appeared on the TF1 television news. A media sequence which provoked the anger of part of public opinion in France, relieving The Times of Israel, since “Hundreds of demonstrators, (presented by Israeli media as being) anti-Israel, gathered Thursday evening” in front of the headquarters of the two channels.

“If Benyamin Netanyahu chooses – a rare occurrence – to engage in an interview, it is because he feels the tide of international opinion is turning”, analyzes the Swiss newspaper The weather. The leader is in fact in the sights of the International Criminal Court (ICC), whose prosecutor, Karim Khan, requests that an arrest warrant be issued against him and his Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza. The leader of Hamas in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, and two other leaders of the Palestinian movement are also the subject of the same arrest warrant.

Furthermore, the unprecedented push of the Israeli army in Rafah provokes numerous international condemnations, in particular the bombing of a displaced persons camp which caused the death of at least 45 people and sparked a global wave of indignation, a massacre described by Netanyahu as a “tragic mistake”. Finally, several European states have recently recognized the State of Palestine: Ireland, Spain and Norwayfollowed by Slovenia, which announced that the vote on this subject would take place on Tuesday June 4 in Parliament.

“Place Israel as a bulwark of the West”

“However, underlines The weather, the Prime Minister

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