Beyond the RN’s speeches, how is France really doing?

Declining purchasing power, a struggling economy, rampant insecurity and out-of-control immigration – this is the picture that has been painted in political debates since the start of the legislative campaign.

And the party that is the voice of this French decline is the National Rally (RN). It is the party that, “by shamelessly spouting his hateful and fallacious arguments, observed The evening, ended up installing this idea that no, definitely, nothing is going well in France.”

Because for the Belgian newspaper, which devotes a file to the question, the French indicators are, “for the most part, nuanced.”

Let’s take purchasing power, a concern noo 1 of the French since 2022. This “The feeling of being downgraded is not reflected in the figures,” explain The evening. Indeed, according to INSEE, purchasing power has not decreased. In 2024, for example, it increased by 1% when the average salary increased by 3.3%, for an inflation rate of 2.3%.

Figures to be qualified: the drop in unemployment observed in recent years means that many people have found a job and that their purchasing power has automatically increased. At the same time, since 2017, the number of people already in employment has seen an average drop

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