Biden shows determination, tries to appear in a better light at NATO summit

It was supposed to be a show of force.”, announces American television ABC : “the leaders of the member countries of theNATO gathered in Washington to display their remarkable unity in the face of some of the most serious threats the Alliance has faced in its 75-year history”.

But instead, the American channel notes, all the “spotlights are on” on summit host Joe Biden, who is sparking ““growing doubts” as to his ability to serve as president for another four years. What should be a major international event is thus turning into an arena of American domestic politics.

And while Donald Trump is leading in many polls, the approach of the American elections increases the pressure on the Alliance. The hypothesis of seeing the former president “get back in the saddle” – and question the alliance with Europeans “bad payers” or even signing an unjust peace for kyiv with the master of the Kremlin – is also one of the many “elephants in the room”, writing The evening.

A “clear and energetic” speech

In “end of reign atmosphere“, according to the Belgian daily, Joe Biden’s opening speech on Tuesday July 9 was particularly observed. And the BBC judge that it was a success: “a harsh speech”, both a history lesson and a call to arms”, worthy of a man tackling the “the most formidable challenges of his political career”, and offering “little material for his detractors”.

After recalling the successes of the Alliance in 75 years of existence, the President underlined the “accomplished job“to strengthen and expand it, which according to British television constitutes “one of his most notable achievements in nearly four years in power“. He reaffirmed that his “job” was not finished, and has “called, at this precise moment in history, to our collective strength”.

The information site Politico estimated also that his speech was “clear and energetic“. Without “stumble over his words”, as he often does, the octogenarian considered that “Ukraine could and will stop Putin“. He took the opportunity to announce the delivery of new air defense systems to Ukraine (including four Patriot batteries), “one of kyiv’s main demands” for months.

“Save himself”

In the meantime, “At the Capitol, Democrats panic but do nothing”, summarizes the New York Times. After spending the last ten days wondering – “by whispering” specifies the American daily – what was “the best way to rule out“Joe Biden, the elected officials of his camp opted on Tuesday for”a strategy that many of them privately admit could prove disastrous: do nothing, at least for now”. “I’m with Joe”Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, has repeatedly said.

Some of his disillusioned colleagues, however, admitted to the Times that they “were now reduced to hoping for another major misstep by Biden“, for example during his press conference which will conclude the NATO summit on Thursday, in order to “persuade reluctant members of Congress to speak out or convince the president that he should leave the race on his own”.

Biden has been a “unwavering guide” for NATO since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, insist CNN. He made the “survival“democracy in the world”angular stone” of his presidency. But this week, the news channel concludes, he will have an even more urgent priority: “save himself”.

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