British Conservatives on the verge of total eradication in the legislative elections

“The Tories decimated.” A wind of astonishment breathes on the writing of the Daily Telegraph, this Thursday, June 20. On the front page of today’s edition, the daily displays, side by side, two electoral maps: that of the 2019 legislative elections, dominated by the blue of the conservatives, and that produced from a “mega-survey”, almost entirely covered with Labor red.

The survey carried out among a sample of 17,000 people with a view to July 4 elections “is terrifying for the Conservative Party”, exclaims the newspaper close to the ruling majority. According to models from the Savanta institute, Labor could win up to 516 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons. The Tories? Only 53.

An unprecedented fall, accompanied by an unprecedented coup de grace: the outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak would lose his post as deputy, along with a certain number of tenors, such as the Minister of the Interior, James Cleverly, and the former tenant of 10 Downing Street Liz Truss. Among the leading figures, only Kemi Badenoch, Minister of Commerce, considered the party’s rising star, would be spared.

Counting on the fear of a Labor supermajority

“How is the Conservative campaign going? Well, things are even worse than when Rishi Sunak chose to call a snap election” with 20 points behind in intentions

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