Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Fears Censorship Around AI, Here’s Why

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) faces an important choice. Will AI remain in the hands of a small group of Big Tech companies, or will it become a decentralized technology that is accessible to everyone? Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano, sees a dangerous scenario in which Big Tech remains in control and uses AI for censorship and manipulation.

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Who will master AI?

Current AI systems, such as ChatGPT and Claude, are trained with data provided by Big Tech companies. These companies determine what information AI learns, and that can have a major impact on the outcomes. Hoskinson warns that these companies “cannot be voted out of office”. This means they have virtually unlimited control over what AI can learn and do.

Example: Farnsworth Fusor

Hoskinson conducted a test to illustrate Big Tech’s control. He asked ChatGPT and Claude for instructions on how to build a Farnsworth Fusor. Both systems issued cautionary warnings. ChatGPT warned that only experts should attempt the construction, while Claude claimed it was too dangerous to give instructions.

Censorship in AI

The Farnsworth Fusor example illustrates a broader problem: AI can carry censorship within it. Big Tech can train AI not to show or discuss certain topics or information. This would mean that AI could restrict access to important information, depending on the interests of Big Tech companies.


Open source AI: The solution?

A lot of experts call for open-source AI. This means that the source code of AI systems is accessible to everyone. In this way, everyone can control the development of AI and ensure the integrity of AI systems. A decentralized AI system would be less susceptible to censorship and manipulation.


The question of whether AI remains in the hands of Big Tech or is decentralized is crucial for its future. Charles Hoskinson’s warning shows that AI may not be the impartial and neutral force we think it is. An open and decentralized AI world is necessary to prevent Big Tech from gaining too much power in this new technology.

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