Cardano is now truly ready for the Chang hard fork: Major milestone in sight

During an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session from Wyoming, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson provided a long-awaited update on the blockchain platform’s progress and the upcoming Chang hard fork. During the live broadcast from his ranch, Hoskinson discussed the ongoing efforts and milestones achieved in what has been a meaningful journey for Cardano.

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Almost ready for node 9.0

Hoskinson announced that node 9.0which is essential for the Chang hard fork, is nearing completion. This update follows version 8.2.2 and has been refined to ensure compatibility and stability. According to Hoskinson, the new node has been tagged for release and is expected to be rolled out next week. Barring any unforeseen issues, the signal for the upgrade will occur on Monday or Tuesday.

Transition to the era of Voltaire

The Chang hard fork represents a pivotal moment for Cardano, as it marks the transition to the Era of Voltaire, a development phase heavily focused on governance. Hoskinson expressed excitement about reaching this phase, which has been two years in the making. Reaching a network density of around 70% will trigger the hard fork, marking the beginning of new governance capabilities and broader community involvement in decision-making processes.

Complexity of future developments

When discussing the future after the Chang hard forkHoskinson delved into the complexities of further development, particularly in the Basho era, which focuses on network scalability and optimization. He emphasized that this phase will require significant community input to make various tradeoffs between on-chain and off-chain data processing, and other technical decisions, such as on-chain sharding and transaction processing adjustments.

Key milestones on the roadmap

Hoskinson also touched on key upcoming milestones on the roadmap, including Plutus V3, Hydra, Leios, and Mithil, presenting them as strong candidates for the next governance vote. This vote will essentially ratify the final state of Basho and determine how resources are allocated, underscoring the shift to a fully community-driven development model.

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