Cardano Takes Big Step Into Gaming World, Here’s How

Chronoshot, a sci-fi shooter game built on Cardano, was added to the Epic Games Store wishlist on Tuesday. The significant move for both the game developer and the ADA ecosystem was greeted with enthusiasm by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, who stated, “Cardano Games on Epic makes me happy.”

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Innovative gameplay

Chronoshot is an innovative and unique game mechanic where time only advances when the player is moving. This allows players to actively strategize, place shots, and plan moves against the opponent, adding to the tactical depth of the game. The game is currently in Early Access and is available to wishlist in the Epic Games Storeone of the leading digital distribution platforms in the gaming industry.

Community Involvement

RFLXT, the development company behind Chronoshot, shared details about the early access launch via a series of posts on X. They announced that the game will be available for free in order to give more people a chance to check out the game and the platform over the coming months of development. This move to open beta, rather than the traditional closed beta, is part of a broader strategy to involve the community directly in the game’s development process, in order to improve transparency and user feedback.

Integration with Epic Games and RFLXT Platform

RFLXT also plans to integrate its platform more deeply with Epic Gamesallowing players to use a single RFLXT account across both platforms. This will enable features such as crossplay and seamless gameplay continuity. Additionally, the company will be launching a beta for their platform before the end of the summer with Chronoshot, some partner Cardano games and Digital Double teaser pages.

Use of Cardano Blockchain

Chronoshot leverages the Cardano blockchain through dynamic NFTs that provide new mechanics for leveling up characters. These are accessible to all players, including those who do not wish to use blockchain technology. These NFTs do not provide any competitive advantages to ensure balance in the game.

Future plans

Chronoshot’s Early Access version includes two single-player modes, Time Attack and Survival, both with leaderboards. RFLXT plans to introduce a multiplayer mode shortly after the Early Access launch to further test and refine these features based on user input. While a specific release date has not yet been set, the developers are aiming to fully release Chronoshot by the end of 2024.

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