Chainlink shoots up after research with financial top

Chainlink (LINK) is up as much as 16% after publishing research on collaboration with leading financial companies. LINK’s recent rise, now trading at $16.43, marks a continuation of previous gains. These potential partnerships cement Chainlink as the premier provider of data to connect multiple blockchains to the traditional financial world.

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Chainlink brings funds and data about shares to the blockchain

Chainlink, in collaboration with DTCC, a market infrastructure provider, has released a pilot report on bringing reliable financial data to the blockchain ecosystem. This report highlights Chainlink’s role in connecting blockchains to some of the key players in the financial sector.

Expectations for bigger breakthrough LINK tokens

LINK’s recent rise shows that the market has high expectations for the new one developments. Although LINK continues to face resistance in the markets, momentum is expected to slowly increase. The community of Chainlink holders remains loyal, and a significant portion of the supply is locked for staking.


With the launch of the Smart NAV project, Chainlink has the potential to bridge the gap between the traditional financial sector and the world of blockchain. The official introduction of this tool could pave the way for more decentralized finance capabilities and broader adoption of blockchain-based assets in traditional financial products.

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