Chinese soldiers on maneuvers in Belarus on the sidelines of the NATO summit

“China, Belarus hold joint anti-terrorist exercises on NATO borders,” reports the Russian daily Moskovsky Komsomolets. They began on Monday, July 8 and will last eleven days, “a few miles from the Polish border”, a little more from the Ukrainian border, and this in the context of the war in Ukraine, in which Belarus is Russia’s ally.

“International events are complex, the situation is complex, that is why, having studied new forms and methods of combat, we are training here taking into account everything we have learned in two years,” said the representative of the Belarusian armed forces, General Vadim Denisenko, reported by the tabloid.


According to the official Belarusian news agency Belta, the soldiers of “People’s Liberation Army of China” arrived in Belarus on July 6. Joint exercises with Belarusian soldiers will allow a “experience sharing” and of “to lay the foundation for the further development of Sino-Belarusian cooperation in the field of joint training of troops,” the Belarusian Defense Ministry said.

This first application of Sino-Belarusian cooperation in the field of security takes place a few days after the validation of Belarus’ integration into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It becomes the tenth member country of this Eurasian intergovernmental structure, founded by China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, then expanded to India, Pakistan and Iran.

These maneuvers take place simultaneously with the opening of the NATO summit in Washington, Tuesday, July 9. Scheduled to last until July 11, it is expected to address, among other things, the issue of additional military and financial aid to Ukraine in the context of the war against Russia. The border between Belarus and Poland constitutes the eastern flank of the transatlantic alliance.

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