Couthures Journalism Festival 2024: discover the “Courrier international” program

Far right, capitalism, water, end of life, war coverage, young people and information… For its eighth edition, The International Journalism Festivalsponsored by Le Monde Group, is once again taking place in the town of Couthures-sur-Garonne, in the Lot-et-Garonne department, with its share of current affairs and distinguished guests. It will be held from July 12 to 14.

This year again, International mail will be present with around twenty meetings, focusing in particular on the French political situation, the war that has been going on against Israel and Hamas since October 7, the presidential election in the United States and the Global South. All this within the framework of the International Kiosk, hosted by journalists from the editorial staff, as well as the Correspondents’ Club, which brings together journalists from the European press based in France.

Other journalists from International mail will host meetings on the far right in Europe and the compatibility (or not) between capitalism and ecology.

Israel and Palestine at the heart of the debates

The military campaign by the Jewish state in the Gaza Strip, launched after the unprecedented attacks by Hamas on October 7 on Israeli soil, has tragically put the Israeli-Palestinian conflict back at the heart of current events.

A conflict that will be addressed during three meetings of the International Kiosk, with, in particular, the Israeli journalist Meron Rapoport, from the Israeli-Palestinian media + 972 Magazine. First from a legal perspective July 12th with the lawyer Beligh Nabli. Then through the societal prism the 14th of July with the French-Palestinian writer Karim Kattan. Finally, from a journalistic perspective duringa meeting with Meron Rapoport the same day.

Why is Trump so fascinating?

Donald Trump could return to the White House in the next presidential election on November 5. And this despite his ultraconservative program, his excesses and his recent judicial conviction, a first for a former American president. Between disapproval and irresistible appeal, what role will the media play in the campaign?

This theme will be addressed on July 14 by the American journalist Adam Shatz and the historian specializing in the United States Maya Kandel.

Can the Global South Turn the Table?

Non-alignment with the war in Gaza and Ukraine, contestation of international institutions, enlargement of the BRICS, de-dollarization: faced with the declining omnipotence of the West, the countries of the South want to make their voices heard. But do they have the means to shake up the international order?

Adam Shatzauthor of a reference biography of Frantz Fanon, a figure of Third Worldism and anti-colonialism, and Beligh Nabliauthor of a book on international relations, will debate it on July 13.

The Correspondents Club

Every day during the festival, meet the Correspondents Club – which brings together journalists Paul Ackermann (The weatherSwiss), Marc Bassets (The CountrySpain), Jon Henley (The Guardian, United Kingdom) and Stefano Montefiori (Corriere della SeraItaly).

“Is there a specificity of the French extreme right?” July 12. “Is France sick of its institutions?” July 13th. And July 14th, “2024, the year of all the cock-a-doodle-doos”.

The great surge of the extreme right in Europe

The last European elections were marked by the rise of far-right parties and movements. In France, this prompted Emmanuel Macron to dissolve the National Assembly and call legislative elections, in which the National Rally recorded very good results. But this phenomenon is not uniquely French. Other countries on the Old Continent are also facing the breakthrough of similar parties.

As part of ten meetings and appointments – here is the program –, journalists and experts will debate, among other things, the ideological driving forces of these political parties, their rather contrasting record in the countries where they are in power, their influence within the EU, but also the way in which the media talk about the extreme right and the role of social networks in this populist surge.

Can capitalism be repainted green?

Can the planet be saved within the framework of the capitalist system based on the principle of the accumulation of wealth, which has the consequences of exhausting resources, disrupting the climate and destroying ecosystems?

Journalists and economists will discuss green growth, responsible finance, but also alternatives to neoliberalism in the media and imagination, during six meetings to be found here.

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