Death of a young activist: “The appalling banality of evil” is at work in Thailand

“The banality of evil” is an expression coined by Hannah Arendt during the trial of Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi officer responsible for organizing the “final solution”. According to her, Eichmann is not a monster but rather an ordinary bureaucrat who participated in the worst atrocities without the slightest moral reflection. This notion challenges our vision of evil, an evil that we believe is reserved for psychopaths or extremists, when it can manifest itself through the action – or inaction – of ordinary people.

But let’s return to the present and the tragedy of “Bung Thaluwang” (nickname of Netiporn Sanesangkhom), a 28-year-old political activist, who died of cardiac arrest in prison after a hunger strike (of almost three months). “Bung” had been arrested for crime of lese majeste and her health deteriorated after the authorities refused to release her on bail. She then began a hunger strike to protest against the fate of political prisoners.

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Article source

Thai Enquirer (Bangkok)

News website created in 2020, notably by former editorialists from the Bangkok Post. The founders explain the need for an independent media, which dares to ask questions.
The Thai press practices self-censorship in a climate of fear where institutions, such as the monarchy or the army, monopolize the political field and threaten dissenting voices.
The site developed at the time of student demonstrations demanding constitutional reforms, starting in the summer of 2020. A way, according to the profession of faith of the creators of the site, to offer “a media whose role in society is to tell, scrutinize and allow totalitarian ideas and ignorance to be kept at bay, while creating a constructive space for dialogue”.
In addition to texts, the site offers videos and podcasts.

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