Democrats in disarray after Supreme Court ruling on Trump

In the USA, “The president is now a king above the law”. In a notice of disagreement “scathing”the progressive Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor “did not hesitate to express his opposition”while the country’s highest court, with a conservative majority, extended, on Monday 1er July the criminal immunity of the White House tenant, notes CNN.

By a majority of six to three – conservative justices against progressives – the Court held that “The President enjoys no immunity for his unofficial acts” but that he “is entitled to at least a presumption of immunity for his official acts”.

“Immunity, immunity, immunity”

The ruling shields corrupt presidents from criminal prosecution, Sonia Sotomayor warns in her 29-page text, described as“bitter” speak Washington Post, joined by her colleagues Elena Kagan and Ketanji Brown Jackson. “The three progressive justices make clear that they view their conservative colleagues’ decision to extend presidential immunity to Donald Trump’s official acts as a threat to democracy, with ‘disastrous consequences.’”the newspaper summarizes.

“That (a president) orders Navy Seal Team 6 to assassinate a political rival? Immunity. That he stages a military coup to stay in power? Immunity. That he accepts a bribe in exchange for a pardon? Immunity. Immunity, immunity, immunity.”denounces Sonia Sotomayor in this notice of disagreement described by Slate as “terrified and terrifying”.

“Fearing for our democracy, I am a dissident”adds the judge, without finishing her opinion of disagreement. “by the traditional ‘respectfully’”relieves CNN.

Sonia Sotomayor has passed “about 25 minutes” reading this notice of disagreement, Monday, relates the Washington Postwho sees there “a strong sign” of his opposition to the judgment which was delivered on the last day of the High Court session.

American democracy ‘fundamentally changed’

Chief Justice John Roberts dismissed the objections, saying the tone “sinister” was “totally disproportionate”. “Trump claims a much broader immunity than the limited one we have recognized.”he said.

“Don’t believe John Roberts”writing Slate, believing like Sonia Sotomayor that the presidency is elevated “to a king’s status”. “The Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority has fundamentally altered American democracy by granting the president sweeping and unprecedented immunity.”

“The immediate impact of the Court’s sweeping decision will be devastating enough, allowing Donald Trump to avoid accountability for his most destructive and criminal efforts to overturn the 2020 election. But the long-term impact is even more troubling. After Monday’s decision, it’s unclear what constitutional checks remain to prevent a president from arrogating dangerous, monarchical powers.”

Monday, the “dismay” reigned, in the democratic camp, as noted by the New York Times. President Joe Biden has denounced a “dangerous precedent”. Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer lamented a “sad day for America” and added: “Treason or incitement to insurrection should not be considered an essential constitutional power granted to a president.”

Republicans, for their part, welcomed the decision, believing it was a victory for former President Donald Trump, whose federal trial has been delayed again, reports ABC News.

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