Digital nomadism, a “new world order for renters”

“A New World Order for Tenants”that’s what Khaled Khaled, 31, dreamed of when he moved out of the apartment he shared with his brother in San Francisco. Unable to afford the rent alone and able to easily work remotely, he became a digital nomad during the pandemic, tell the story New York Timeswhich devotes an article to it in its real estate section.

He traveled across the United States and also set down his suitcases in Belize, Taiwan, Lebanon and South Africa. “Palestinian who grew up in Abu Dhabi and Qatar,” Khaled Khaled is used to changing scenery. “Once I started travelingdid he declare, I realized that I didn’t want to live on a long-term lease anymore. I know that’s only possible because I’m privileged, but I realized that you don’t have to be in a place with, say, bad weather. Unless you have dependents, you feel like the only thing that keeps people in one place is going to the office, which isn’t necessary with remote working.”

Still refusing to stay more than a month in a place and to settle in a hotel, so as not to feel like he was on vacation, he quickly found himself surrounded by other digital nomads. With the pandemic, this lifestyle, previously out of the ordinary, had become democratized.

Finally, in April 2023, he returned to New York for the second time. In Brooklyn, he discovered the joy of building lasting relationships and being surrounded by different people:

“I don’t want to be surrounded by people who are doing the kind of work that I do. I think growing up in the Middle East, I grew up in a variety of cultures. There are a lot of expats from different parts of the world in the Middle East and you’re always mixing with other people. This opportunity was really important to me.”

His “new world order for tenants” was short-lived, and it was in a fixed location, among communities of expatriates and immigrants, that Khaled Khaled ultimately felt most at home.

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