Dissolution: Macron’s “crazy bet”, which “takes Europe hostage”

“The overwhelming victory of the French far right in the European elections this Sunday, and the humiliating defeat of Emmanuel Macron’s supporters has triggered a political crisis with unpredictable consequences”, notes El País.

By deciding, immediately after the publication of the first results, to dissolve the National Assembly and to call early legislative elections, the Head of State “has thrown the country into the most uncertain campaign in recent history, a campaign whose outcome will determine the legacy of his presidency and the direction of France and Europe”adds the Madrid daily.

“Dissolving the National Assembly is a way for Macron to show that he has heard the criticism”, estimates the Washington Post. “He is perhaps betting that the majority of the protest vote was expressed in the European elections and that people will vote differently when it comes to France”.

In fact, the sanction vote reached records on Sunday. Led by Jordan Bardella, the RN list triumphed with around 32% of the votes, far ahead of the Macronist candidate Valérie Hayer (around 14.5%) and the head of the PS list Raphaël Glucksmann (14%).

A situation which relates to “political earthquake in France”, summary Die Welt. “The RN now dominates the political landscape with Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella, very young president of the party and head of the list in these European elections who marked the campaign with his popularity”, adds The weather. “This party had never reached these figures, even when it was still called National Front”.

” Hit or miss “

The choice to dissolve the Assembly nonetheless remains “historic and totally unexpected”, observed La Stampa. The Italian daily recalls that this is the sixth time that early legislative elections have been called under the Fifth Republic, but that the decision had not “never been taken at the end of a European ballot”.

La Libre Belgique analyze this choice as an attempt by Emmanuel Macron to save the last three years of his five-year term. “There is no question of him ending his mandate with the impossibility of governing, forced immobility and the inability to carry out the slightest reform”writes the Belgian daily. “Does the wounded political animal want to show that it still roars and that it can impose itself again at the center of the game? ”.

“By getting ahead of everyone, Emmanuel Macron hopes that the National Rally will not have time to find credible candidates everywhere in the country” and put on “the divisions of the left, the good score of Raphaël Glucksmann, arriving in front of rebellious France, reshuffling the leadership cards of a camp which once again seems irreconcilable”, advance The evening.

But for the Brussels title, it is “a crazy bet” And “a very risky strategy. Hit or miss. And if things break, Jordan Bardella will be able to settle in Matignon while Marine Le Pen prepares for the next presidential election. An election that Emmanuel Macron, who will not be able to run again after two consecutive terms, will only be able to observe as a helpless spectator”.

“Machiavellian” calculations?

In London, The Times sharing there “perplexity” political commentators, who question the reasons pushing Emmanuel Macron to “call elections” that his party “has every chance of losing”.

“Macron’s advisers say the early vote will clarify a complicated political situation, presenting voters with a crucial choice between his centrist camp and right-wing populists”, writes the daily. But some analysts suspect calculations “more Machiavellian”like the attempt to “force the center-right Republicans to reach an agreement with its centrist camp to prevent the RN from coming to power”.

“Another theory circulating in Paris”continues the British title. “Macron may be betting that the RN, by winning the elections and leading the country in times of crisis, will see its popularity drop before 2027, when France will have to choose its new president”. At any rate, “the prospect of France having a right-wing populist prime minister when it hosts the Olympics this summer is now real”.

For Clarinwho expects a campaign too “hard” that “fascinating”the die would already be cast. “France is probably heading towards cohabitation between President Macron and the RN, with a far-right Prime Minister, an unprecedented alliance in the Republic”.

And to add: “No one knows how this will work or if there will be an alliance of all Republicans against Le Pen and Bardella, as happened in 2002, when Jean-Marie Le Pen reached the second round (of the presidential election) against Jacques Chirac”.

The Argentine daily recalls that “thousands of French people” were then “took to the streets, united by their rejection of Le Pen. But times have changed. Nationalism is spreading within the European Union (EU), in a climate of extreme tension”.

“Immense danger” for Europe

In Swiss, Blick worries of the repercussions of these early elections for Europe. “Macron is gambling the fate of Europe in France (and it’s really very risky)”thus titles the site. “The French president is playing a democratic move that is difficult to dispute. But he is taking Europe hostage”.

Because the “hazard” of these elections is “huge for the European Union”estimates the Swiss media. “A victory for the extreme right in France, which would see it logically claim the exercise of power, would shake the EU on its foundations”.

On June 30 and July 7, the world will witness “a momentous duel for France and for Europe”, confirmed ABC in Spain. “If Macron’s allies and pro-European parties, starting with the Socialist Party, win the next legislative elections, supporters of the euro, the EU and the Atlantic Alliance will win”.

But if Marine Le Pen were to win, “the shock wave would have unpredictable repercussions: the French extreme right is hostile to the euro, NATO and military solidarity with Ukraine”warns the conservative daily.

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