Dogecoin Founder Billy Markus Worried About the Future of AGI and Artificial Intelligence

Billy Markus, the man behind Dogecoin, is openly expressing his concerns about the future of artificial intelligence. He’s not the only one who’s worried, but what exactly is going on?

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The question about the future of AI

Markus, known on social media as Shibetoshi Nakamoto, recently made an important announcement on X (formerly Twitter) question asked to his followers: “Are you optimistic, concerned or doubtful about the role of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in the next decade?” This question did not come out of the blue. AGI is a branch of AI that focuses on developing self-learning tools that have an intelligence comparable to that of humans.

The Potential Dangers of AGI

Many people are concerned about the progress of AGI. Some fear that it could cost millions of people their jobs. Markus shares this concern. He warns that web search engines will become increasingly integrated with AI, which could lead to a decline in website visits. This could potentially force a large number of businesses that rely on search engines to close their doors.

Ethical questions

Markus also has ethical concerns about AI. He notes that AI tools are trained using random comments from random individuals, not experts. This could lead to AI that is not based on sound knowledge or ethical positions.

So the Dogecoin founder is clearly not alone in his concerns about AI. The question is: how can we ensure responsible and ethical development of AGI, which leverages the benefits of AI without transcending its dangers? The coming years will be decisive in answering this question.

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