Dutch analyst predicts Bitcoin price of over $100,000

Dutch analyst Jelle predicts a Bitcoin price of more than $100,000. According to Jelle, it is important not to be convinced to sell your Bitcoin during this period. “Bitcoin’s monthly chart looks like this. Don’t let yourself be shaken out of the market.”

Don’t let yourself be shaken out of the market

Jelle’s advice is clear with that statement. He believes that investors would be wise to hold on to their Bitcoin.

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In a subsequent publication, Jelle writes that Bitcoin has been in a rising range since mid-2017. At that time, Bitcoin was still on its way to the price of $20,000, the all-time high of the digital currency at the time.

“Bitcoin has been in this rising channel for 6.5 years and I don’t expect that to change in the short term,” he confirmed on Twitter.

“If history is any indication of the future, then it is time for a new trip to the highlights of this canal. That Bitcoin price of 6 numbers is coming,” said the analyst.

Where is Bitcoin going?

Based on his chart, Jelle seems to predict a very strong Bitcoin price for the bull market of 2024-2025.

From the graph above, it can be seen that he is thinking of prices of around $240,000 for Bitcoin. We can hardly imagine that now.

After all, Bitcoin is still struggling to definitively break the price of $69,000. In a way, that is not surprising, because that is the all-time high of the 2021 bull market.

In that respect, it is logical that there is a lot of resistance for Bitcoin around that psychological limit. However, Jelle is convinced that we can make a splash if Bitcoin can get past that level.

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