“Earthquake” in France: the results of the first round of legislative elections on the front page of the foreign press

Marine Le Pen, all smiles, is omnipresent on the covers of the international press, this 1er July. Arms spread like on the cover of La Libre Belgique, greeting his supporters as on that of The Orient-The Day, or even hand on heart like the present one Public. The day after the first round of legislative elections in France, the National Rally (RN) has emerged as the country’s leading political force with a provisional score of 33.15% of the vote. “The far right wins its first victory in legislative elections”, notes The country.

On some front pages, the MP is accompanied by her partner, the president of the RN, Jordan Bardella. A way for foreign titles to draw the scenario of a far-right Prime Minister and that – a little more distant – of a far-right president. “So close to power”, ad for example The evening, with portraits of the tandem.

For others, it is a question of highlighting the collapse of the presidential party. If Ensemble seems to have limited the damage, its score slightly above 20% seems insignificant compared to that of 2022 (38.57%). “Micron”, dare the Italian newspaper Libero. Macron in a bad situation”, adds Die Presse in Austria.

The score recorded by the alliance of left-wing parties, the New Popular Front, which came in second place with almost 28% of the votes, is barely mentioned.

Many newspapers do not fail to mention a shock, even a “earthquake”, as Libero. To illustrate it, the Greek newspaper Your Nea let go of a “Oh my God !” in large letters and in French on the front page of today’s edition. “These French people are crazy,” says the Spanish newspaper Diari of Tarragona which even calls on comic strip characters: the Gaul Obélix, prostrate with the French flag in his hand, has only his dog Idéfix to comfort him.

In Swiss, The weather does not produce a one-page illustration, but a editorial with a serious tone : “French democracy speaks and it scares.” The text continues: “The first round of the legislative elections in France is ending under the horrified gaze of its European neighbors. (…) An earthquake initiated by President Macron in a gesture that so many French elected officials still denounce. A crazy week of negotiations and voting instructions begins before the second round is cut.”

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