Emmanuel Macron, the “arsonist” who still dreams of being a firefighter

If all this were not so serious, we could call Emmanuel Macron a “drama queen”finally more precisely “drama king”. That is to say someone who tends to overdo it when things are not going well for him.

So after unnecessarily precipitating legislative elections, the French president is warning of a civil war. Dissolving the National Assembly because we are upset by its failure in the European elections was already tough: the act is certainly consistent with the Constitution but politically violent and puts France in turmoil. And it is an act of self-sabotage on top of that, because it deepens the division of the country and could make it ungovernable from July.

Macron has caused a crisis that risks harming all of Europe. It’s bad enough.

“Civil war”

But when the head of state speaks of “civil war”, a term loaded with meaning and totally exaggerated, to sow fear of the extreme right and the extreme left, he no longer behaves like “drama king” but as an arsonist.

Macron is playing with fire and wants to be called to put out the fire. He is sowing chaos and posing as the guarantor of stability. He claims to want to strengthen the moderate parties of the center and is showing himself to be extreme

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