Euro 2024: Romania counts on a helping hand from the Holy Spirit

In this Euro football in Germany, the situation of group E is rather complex. Before the last day, Wednesday June 26 at 6 p.m., Romania, Belgium, Slovakia and Ukraine display the same number of points. Only the goal difference gives the Romanians a slight advantage.

According to Gazeta Sporturilor, Romanian coach Edward Iordanescu has chosen to put all the odds on his side ahead of the match against Slovakia. He has decided to invite Ghelasie Pacurar, a priest from the Orthodox parish of St. Andrew in Würzburg where the Romanian team is based, to join his players and spend some time with them.

“Before the departure of the delegation to Frankfurt, the priest will celebrate a quick service in the hotel itself, he will say a prayer and give his blessing to the players,” explains the sports daily.

The coach, with the reputation of a fervent believer, must have considered that the presence of Father Pacurar during Romania’s inaugural match had brought good luck to his flock. The latter largely won against Ukraine (3-0). Conversely, the priest was absent during the rout of the young Romanian team against Belgium (0-2).

In the event of defeat, only a crushing victory for the Belgians over the Ukrainians could guarantee Romania a place among the best thirds – and therefore a ticket to the round of 16. The team that finishes second in this group E will face the French team in the round of 16.

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