Europride 2024: “a river of love” floods the streets of Thessaloniki

“Couples, singles, collectives, allies, a borderless LGBTQI community, drag queens and even mermaids formed the river of love that flooded the streets of Thessaloniki”, enthuses the Greek online media News 24/7.

After ten days of festivities, some 10,000 people marched in Greece’s second city on Saturday for a pride march “multicolored”waving rainbow flags and balloons, to the sound of whistles and drums.

Last February, Greece became the first Orthodox Christian country to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples. A reform carried by the conservative party in power, but which tore the country apart and still arouses strong resistance.

Counter-demonstrations prohibited

“Despite the adoption of the law on same-sex couples, there is still a long way to go before the sexual identity of every human being is accepted by the whole of society”declared to theAFP one of the participants, Dimitris Stefanakis.

To prevent any risk of violence, the police had banned counter-demonstrations throughout the city on Saturday.

On Friday, a 34-year-old man was arrested for calling for a protest “against the destruction of the family, and to resist the LGBTQ+ junta and the new order of things”, reports I Kathimerini. “He was charged with inciting civil disobedience of a discriminatory nature, and with resisting arrest.”the daily newspaper specifies.

In early March, a few weeks after gay marriage was passed, two transgender people were violently attacked by a crowd of young people in the heart of Thessaloniki. Thousands of people demonstrated the next day in the city to protest the attack.

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