Florida cactus first plant to suffer from rising waters in US

In the United States, some plant species have already become locally extinct due to rising temperatures and aridification caused by climate change. Now it’s “the rise in sea level which is responsible for the disappearance of a first plant in the United States, that of a cactus on the island of Key Largo”, in South Florida, deplores the site IFLScience.

Discovered in 1992, this cactus, the Pilosocereus millspaughii, no longer grows wild on this tropical island in the Keys archipelago since 2021. An article published in the Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas July 9, 2024 returns to his sad fate.

If he disappeared from the United States, he “still grows on Caribbean islands, including the Bahamas,” reassure The Palm Beach Post. The regional daily newspaper describes it as follows: “Its white flowers reflect moonlight and attract pollinators such as bats and moths. Its purple fruits are eaten by birds and small mammals..

There were only six living cacti of this species left in the Keys in 2021, according to IFLScience. In question : “Harsh weather conditions, salt water intrusion and damage

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