For Moscow, the RN in power, alone or with allies, will be “completely moderate”

“After his electoral defeat, the first reaction of Macron was to call on his colleagues from other parties to unite around him for the second round. But who would opt for political suicide on their own initiative? exclaims Komsomolskaya Pravda. The French have had more than enough of the behaviour of Europe’s ‘chief hawk’, the one who wants to make himself more Ukrainian than the Ukrainians themselves – and this to the detriment of his fellow citizens, who are, to put it figuratively, finishing off their last dry croissant.”

These comments from the Russian tabloid sum up quite well what the Russian media generally think of the French president since he made a sharp turn towards more radical support for Ukraine, suggesting in particular that Paris was prepared to send ground troops to the country. Volodymyr Zelensky. In Russia, the trend is rather towards supporting the National Rally, for its rather sovereignist positions, its conservative values ​​and, at least until the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, what could be considered “Russophilia”. But Russian observers are obliged to admit that the National Rally has changed its policy, which is now more consensual.

“In no configuration can the Popular Front build a coalition with Marine Le Pen’s party. On the other hand, with Emmanuel Macron, under the conditions that the spin doctors have already discussed, it is unequivocal, they will do it,” political scientist Andrei Martynov believes on his Telegram page, relayed by the site Vzgliad.

“Colossal Renunciations” for Macron

He therefore predicts, after the second round, a “governs

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