For the New Popular Front, it is already time for “complex negotiations”

Even the correspondent of The Vanguardia in Paris was taken by surprise. At 7:12 p.m., as the first polls began to show the New Popular Front (NFP) leading the second round of early elections, Eusebio Val updated his article entitled “A wall to contain Le Pen”. “Everything indicates that the one-off and tactical alliance between the Macronists and the left-wing coalition can succeed,” he adjusted.

Following the announcement of the first ranges (177 to 192 seats for the NFP against 152 to 158 seats for Ensemble and 138 to 145 for the National Rally, according to Ipsos-Talan for France Télévisions at 10:30 p.m.), The weather was talking about “thunderbolt”, explaining that “the progression (of the RN) is largely contained”. “Surprise in France: the left in the lead”, confirmed The Republic. “Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella were hoping to win a victory that was both spectacular and historic,” commented on the BBC. But “The great day of the extreme right has not yet arrived.”

“The ‘republican front’, built between the two rounds of this election to limit the RN wave which was to sweep through the hemicycle of the National Assembly, therefore seems to have borne fruit, after 210 withdrawals by candidates from the presidential camp or the left”, resumes Time. “That saidnuance the BBC, The RN has considerably strengthened its presence in Parliament

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