France, United States: bravo, gentlemen egomaniacs!

In the United States, too, nerves are on edge as elections approach. On Thursday, July 4, the German weekly The Time illustrates his one with photos of Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron, under the title: “The Danger of Big Egos”.

According to the newspaper of the intelligentsia across the Rhine, it is indeed the two leaders who represent one of the greatest threats to the future of their respective countries. If the radical, populist, even extreme right, is chaining together success across the Westit is not only global crises – migrations, wars, inflation, climate – that are responsible; nor, moreover, the rhetorical talents of a Marine Le Pen or a Donald Trump. “These are also the catastrophic mistakes that their adversaries make. The hubris, the blindness and the gambles of Western leaders who nevertheless claim to represent the center, (…) civil society.”

Scandalous impudence

The two men, one in clinging to powerthe other in the rrecklessly putting into playshare a “superiority complex”, insists the weekly. “Of course, when you are under pressure, you make mistakes, and Western democracies are under pressure not seen in seventy years. But what Macron and Biden have unleashed goes far beyond artisanal mistakes. They demonstrate a lack of judgment, historical imagination and, quite simply, responsibility, as well as an impudence that is somewhat scandalous.”

Here are two Western powers, and not the least, which find themselves de facto headless, and this in the middle of the most serious crisis since the end of the Second World War. “Neither Putin, nor Xi (Jinping), nor the mullahs in Tehran, nor Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will take Biden or Macron seriously anymore.”

The weekly describes a geopolitical situation likely to make the Kremlin jubilant, among other things: “Two of the world’s oldest democracies find themselves paralyzed by their own fault, on the brink of ungovernability. And the enemies of freedom in Russia, China, Iran, North Korea can watch in peace. Thank you, gentlemen.”

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