French voters showed what they rejected, not what they supported

“Our victory is only delayed.” Marine Le Pen put on a brave face after her far-right party, the National Rally (RN), was defeated in the second round of the French legislative elections on Sunday, July 7. This third place for the RN, according to the provisional results, is in reality a bitter disappointment. The party thought it would finally have the opportunity to show the French population its ability to govern, which was supposed to serve as a springboard for the more important presidential election in 2027. But the French electorate mobilized en masse to prevent it.

The RN was not, in the end, so decontaminated: the party invested candidates from extremist backgrounds or who had made racist and anti-Semitic remarks. But, more than anything, it is necessary to underline the resistance of what is called in France the republican front – that is to say the union of centrist and left-wing parties to block the arrival to power of the extreme right. The RN sees this as a cynical game of the political class aimed at preventing it from accessing power. But the voters also chose to stand together.

Where is the clarification Macron wanted?

This is what will allow Emmanuel Macron to claim that he has won his electoral bet (his allies

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