From contaminated oil to chemicals: New scandal shocks China

“Shock”, “scandal”, “astonishment”, “panic”, “fury” : all these terms are used in Chinese media to describe the anger and emotion of society after Newspaper uncovers new food scandal Xin Jingbao.

At 10 a.m. on May 21, a tanker truck slowly entered a grain and oil company in Yanjiao, Hebei Province, east of Beijing. An hour later, it left again loaded with about thirty tons of soybean oil. A routine operation whose hidden side was revealed by the Beijing newspaper.

Three days earlier, the same tanker had transported a load of “liquid coal” from the autonomous region of Ningxia to Qinhuangdao (in Hebei), “that is, a liquid chemical produced from coal, such as liquid wax, white oil, etc.”, explains the media. However, the vehicle’s tank had not been cleaned before receiving the edible soybean oil.

Even more frightening, this would not be an isolated case. The journalist from Xin Jingbao, who has been investigating the matter for a long time, says that for reasons of economy, many tanker trucks do not clean their tanks after use.

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